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"You want a friend in Washington? Get a dog." Harry S. Truman

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Entitled to what?

The Entitlement programs of the United States are an interesting thing to think about. Why is it worth thinking about? Because as many "elites" are coming to realize, true reform needs to happen. And with the election buzz just getting started, it is time to pay attention to what the "frontrunners" are saying. But as I pay attention to the "echo chambers".. ie.. talk radio, no real debate on this issue is occurring. Instead it is about raising that crazy debate limit, how many more trillion dollars can we push it!

But lets start with this idea, why do we rely so much on the government? Why do we rely on something that can be in the very same have tons of rules and regulations. But yet we go back to it... we need it after all. Why? For retirement, to take care of us when we are old... and now, now for healthcare. And when it comes time to question this idea, it is being unsensitive, uncaring, but even better yet... dare I say UNAmerican

Do not get me wrong, we do need government. But in a very limited way. But as government has grown, so as the need for it. And so trying to take it back is the real question we need to ask today!

How are we going to make it without the help, the help from the government?
I would like to think, I would like to believe, but most likely I would like to do is do it on my own. That is true freedom. And isn't freedom what the American dream is all about.

Not anymore, now it is having the government take care of you.
But if you have not checked, it is going to be almost impossible for the government to be able to do so, not without going broke, and then, we are going to have to take care of ourselves anyways, just a thought from someone who wants to truly be free!

So what are you entitled to? But better yet, what happens when you do not recieve it?

IF you are young ..health insurance and retirement.. just to name two, are things I do not want to rely on the government for. But in the broke system that we have now, we have too rely on it, because it keeps goverment individuals in power and us truly not free.